About Realy

At Realy, we believe our relationship with our real estate agents is an important one. We believe it’s one that requires trust and communication because it deals with something we dream about and eventually live in: our home. Realy uses the latest technology to make this vital connection efficient.
Imagine the convenience of being able to find your real estate agent right on your smartphone or mobile device. You would have access to the details of thousands of beautiful properties while having direct communication with your agent. With Realy, this dream becomes an easy reality.
We know that as a real estate agent, it’s key for you to service clients efficiently while allowing them a close connection. How much better can it get than a direct link to your clients via their Smartphones? Only a mobile app can accomplish this and Realy helps you do it in a few short minutes.
Realy is a smart and easy way to reach your clients via today’s most popular channels: mobile phones and smart devices such as tablets. We use the latest technology like GPS and maps to provide detailed information about properties with multiple photos. Everything is seamlessly delivered in a beautiful mobile app that can be downloaded by anyone from the App Stores.
With Realy, you won’t need any programming skills, expensive development tools, or tech savvy to be able to create an app for your own real estate business. Our system is simple, user-friendly, quick, and affordable. We use the latest technology to do all the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes.
Once you have created your Realy app, you will also have the option to create your own branded app which Realy will help you publish to the Apple, Google, and Windows App Stores. You will be able to edit your app at any time as well as be able to publish news, new property offers, and status updates on the fly.
Realy is a native mobile app which is the most efficient way of building mobile apps. We are built on the mobile app publishing platform that was created for Appadia.com, allowing us to benefit from all of the technological advances made on this platform. Realy is created by a team of passionate people whose mission is to use technology to make people’s lives easier and better.