Our story
Our team here at Realy is comprised of a diverse and highly creative group of young professionals. Each member brings their own personal attributes and expertise to the project, forming an exciting and dynamic work environment for producing innovative ideas.
We started out as a social mobile self-publishing platform founded in 2012, called Appadia Inc. We soon identified the real estate industry as one of the main applications for this platform, and adapted our product for use by real estate agents, brokers and businesses. Hence the birth of Realy.
Our mobile applications and website launched in February of 2014 as a mobile first real estate platform for professionals and homebuyers. In less than one year, Realy has signed up nearly 4,000 users, has expanded to iPad and tablet applications, and continues to add informative new features, such as nearby school details and amenity information for listings.
Realy is headquartered in San Jose, California, where corporate sales and industry relations are managed. Marketing, sales and customer support are conducted from the Charlotte, NC office. Engineering, product architecture and design are managed from the Spanish office in Alicante, while the software development, maintenance, production and tech support is based in the Indian office in Coimbatore.
Our team

Manna Justin

Founder & CEO

Silvia Cortés


José Daniel Narváez


Sayuri Hattori


Belén Galiana


Manuel Navarro


Sanjay Nandakumar

Indian Tech Team

Vijay Shankar

Indian Operations

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Where we are
We have three offices in three different continents, we are a multicultural team and we are happy about it. This mix of culture makes the team much more creative.

Wilmington, USA

2711 Centerville Rd., #400
Wilmington, Delaware, 19808

Alicante, Spain

C/Doctor Sapena, 54 2-B
03013 Alicante, Spain

Coimbatore, India

195 Thodarayan Kovil St
Kattor 641009, India